Keto Diet Challenge + Free Meal Plan!

Sooo this might be a surprise to some of you…just a few days ago I posted a Superfood Oatmeal Recipe and before that I even supported a vegan diet…and now I’m posting about the ketogenic diet 😮

I’ve been doing some research on this diet and eating high fat and extremely low low carb might sound crazy, but there is research to support it! (I suggest reading the articles from NCBI)

I’m all for trying new things and finding a diet that works for you, so you shouldn’t be too close minded when it comes to diet and should read research on different diets and adapt it so it is sustainable for your lifestyle. In the long run, diet plays is the main factor in weight loss, not exercise, so don’t expect quick, short term weight loss. Instead, aim for steady, weight loss over the long term.

Some of the benefits of following a keto diet include: fat loss, reduced blood pressure and insulin levels, lower triglycerides, reduction in LDL cholesterol and increase in HDL cholesterol, and are even linked to treating several brain disorders! But don’t take my word for it, I really suggest you guys do your own research.

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Superfood Oatmeal Recipe


So I’m on this huge health kick now after reading, Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future. I didn’t know how many amazing benefits that foods such as cacao or goji berries could have, it’s honestly astonishing! I used to hate drinking this artichoke drink my grandma made that had goji berries in it, but now that I know goji berries have many antioxidants, 7 essential amino acids, can help SLOW AGING, and so much more, you bet I”ll chug that down without a second thought.

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Releasing an EBOOK?!?

Are you thinking of going vegan? Do you want to learn about the healthiest diet on the planet? Are you struggling to find tasty vegan recipes? Are you having trouble sticking to a vegan diet? Do you want to save the world? If you answered yes to any of these questions then I have a solution for you! 

I’m currently working on an ebook that will cover all these topics, so stay tuned! Fingers crossed I can release it within the next month! 

Love you guys, 


Happy Elephant Vegan Restaurant!

Today I wanted to share with you guys my new favorite restaurant…and its 100% vegan! Its called Happy Elephant Vegan : 1532 E Broadway, Long Beach, CA 90802

Its on the side of the street and is only a couple minutes from the beach! When I walked in I was surprised that I was the only one there. I came in around noon for lunch and was greeted by two friendly thai ladies. Unfortunately the sushi chef called in sick so I couldn’t order any sushi which is vegan too. So I got the gyoza dumplings and curry. 

Honestly, the best part about this restaurant is the complimentary buffet they offered while I was waiting for my food to arrive. They had a salad bar, soups, sushi rolls, and thai dessert! I was almost full even before my food came out. I like how they do this so I can try a variety of foods and I am not grumpy while waiting for food. 

As for my actual order, the gyoza were steamed dumplings filled with veggies and maybe tofu? The curry was good too, but a little too oily for my taste. The only thing that I did not like was they forgot my order of brown rice! And i paid and extra three bucks for it! 

Other than that the restaurant was amazing! I also like their decor which is a very cute and inspiring haha. I had a fun time ordering the food and eating it at the beach! Love the food, location, decor, customer service, and buffet! Definitely going again!

My Favorite Vegan Breakfast!

Drumroll please…are you guys ready for my first official vegan recipe?!? It’s my favorite breakie ever! It’s super quick, easy, and delicous! So to start out you’ll need:



-banana and berries

-almond milk

– dates 

-cinnamon/powdered peanut butter

And thats it! I mean it’s pretty self explanatory. I just dump some oats in a bowl (no need to cook it) then add your fruit and other toppings. I like adding blueberries and dried date pieces! Dates are LIFE!!!! Anyway, After you have assembled everything in a bowl, add some almond milk and enjoy! 

Its quick, easy peasy, simple delicousness. It’s perfect to just quickly put together and eat on the way to school. Plus it’ll leave you with lots of energy and keep you full till lunch!