Day 4

Hump today wasn’t as good of a day as the others. But that’s okay. Tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start. I had classes then went to my internship today and mark wasn’t even there lol so I pretty much sat there and did nothing. I hope this internship isn’t affecting my grades because of it is then I don’t think it’s worth. Anyway I got to hang out with Cathie and grabbed dinner so it was fun to catch up with her. I also texted Emilee and shaina today bc Emilee randomly sent us a vegetarian meme lol. She’s interested in going to Davis so I hope it works out and she’ll choose the right college because she’s a really talented girl and I’m sure she’ll thrive at any school.

1. My intention for tomorrow is to trust in God and know that he has a plan for me so all I can do is study and try my best and he’ll take care of the rest.

2. My act of self love will be to be more like Catie…in terms of being more open and talkative and vulnerable. I need to put myself out there if I want to make more friends and better my self.

3. Today was not as good of a day in terms of eating. It started out well with a naked juice and cottage cheese with berries. For dinner I had a burrito some noodles and frozen yogurt in a cone. However when I got home I had a protein bad pop tarts late night cookies a sandwich and cornbread. However this is progress nonetheless. This wasn’t as bad of a binge and I’m eating less during my binges. Eventually the goal will be to completely resist the urges but that may take some time. It’s okay because I know ill do better tomorrow.

Day 3

I’ve realized that it’s the small things in life I really appreciate. Like today in my aerobics class, my super fit, kick ass teacher complimented me when I was doing my lunges. She said I had great flexibility, which was so surprising to me because it hurts just to touch my toes 😄 but it’s cool because I’ve been working on doing the splits and hearing that really boosted my confidence and made my day. See how one compliment goes a long way 🙂 other than that, I had small group today which was nice to see christina, megan, and olivia. We learned a passage in Psalms about David which reminded me to fear the Lord because he is so powerful and holy. I also helped minh with his math homework today and he’s so cute, but I want to learn to be more patient with him. I miss my family.

  1. My intention for tomorrow is to seek peace, and be a person of action. I will stand firm in my beliefs and speak up.
  2. My act of self love for tomorrow will be to spend time with Catie and catch up and grow my friendship with her.
  3. Today was another great day. I had some cottage cheese/berries and boiled eggs after my workout. I also ate a veggie plate, clif bar, and smoothie for dinner. I did get some urges to eat after small group but I drank some apple cider vinegar and started writing this post haha.

Day 2

I made it through another day! I’m proud of my small successes just as much as I am of my larger ones (like getting an A on my math midterm :D) Today was packed with back to back classes as usual, but I got up early and did some stretching which was really nice and helps improve my mood. I also went to Whole Foods and got an acai bowl, which reminds me of SoCal. I also participated in this psychology study where I pretty much just observed colors for an hour…boring, but somewhat relaxing.

  1. My intention for tomorrow is to nourish my body with nutrient-dense foods. I do not want to deprive/restrict myself. Instead, I want to eat an abundance of wholesome, health foods.
  2. My act of self love for tomorrow will be to go to  my aerobics class and get some exercise in. I will also refuel myself properly after the workout.
  3. busy busy busy with classes, so I don’t have much time to eat. I had some cottage cheese with cinnamon and blueberries for breakfast, 2 boiled eggs, and an acai bowl. I did get some cravings, but I am learning to accept those urges, but not to give in to them. I love feeling like myself again, not constantly occupied with food. It makes me more confident and happy.

Day 1

1. My intention for Day 2 is to stay strong and remember that health is the first and most important reason to recover, and losing weight is a symptom of health.

2. My act of self love for tomorrow will be to paint something! I bought some watercolor materials from Target today, so I’ll probably practice a little tonight so I can play with it more tomorrow!

3. Off to a great start! I woke up pretty late today but thats what weekends are for right? I had a smoothie for breakfast and lunch and some dried mango. I don’t feel hungry today, but that’s probably because I’ve been eating so much and I wasn’t too active today. I’ve just been doing some errands and did a little shopping at Target. Oh and it’s Jamie’s birthday today/ Tet celebration at church. I miss getting money and watching the skits. I heard this year Ethan did some swaggy dance moves and Gramma/Gramps were #couplegoals in their skit. Anyway, I told Jamie I wasn’t vegan and that spread pretty quickly so I spent a majority of my day explaining why I wasn’t vegan haha. I’m off to bigger and better things


Day 0


I am making a promise to myself that in the next 5 weeks I will improve my mental and physical health. I will be stronger than my impulses and I will love  myself no matter what.

Every single night I will:

  1. Write out my intention for the next day.
  2. Decide what my act of self-love is for the next day.
  3. Check in with a group (you guys!) and let everyone know how I’m doing

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