My New Room! + DIY Decor

Hey Guyys! So guess what?? I redid my room!!!! ahhhh I’m so excited to share it with you guys, but I just added a few new items to my room and made some really easy/cheap DIY’s. Soo if you’re bored this summer (which is like every kid ever let’s be real) you can renovate your room that cost really cheap! okay ready? legoo



Hey guys and welcome to my crib! haha anyways when you first walk into my room you’ll see this area thingy. All i did was paint the edge of my old whiteboard with metallic gold paint and i hung up strands of twine and clipped pictures onto it. (and have you ever wanted Polaroid pictures without the cost? Well don’t worry I gotchu 😉 just edit your picture on and use a Polaroid frame and its FREE!)

Now onto my dresser! Its pretty old and I didn’t do anything to it really. I just cleaned it up and added some organizational trays/holders. and yes that is a wine glass but there’s only hair clips in there, don’t worry guys…



DIY TIME!! ~ This necklace holder is relatively easy to make, I mean the hardest part is cutting the branch off a tree, ’cause the annoying ants kept crawling on me 😦 First, just cut (or buy) a tree branch and make sure to clean it. After that, you’ll want to put hooks into the branch. You can use push pins like I did or real hooks if you have them. Finally, just place hooks onto the wall to hold the branches (the command strips are easiest to use since you just stick em on the wall-no drilling required 🙂 and you have it!



Oh and I quickly wanted to mention my bed canopy! Isn’t it so tumblrish looking? My cousins thought it was a mosquito net-ohh the mind of a true asian…(but they just got back from a trip to Vietnam, so who can blame em?) It’s from amazon and you can buy it here for $30. This was the most expensive part of my room decor, but totally worth it!


I also had these before, but they look prettier now because I redecorated them. These hanging shelves are easy to install if you use a wall mount, but what I really wanted to mention was the photo frame above it! It’s a cute way to hang up cute, small photos you have lying around. All you do is remove the glass/paper from a photo frame and hang twine/string across the frame, then pin your pictures! It’s so adorable and an easy way to use frames you were about to throw out!


OK are you ready guys? Onto my favorite part of the room.. *drumroll* THE DESK! I made it with the help of my dad and all the materials from Home Depot was around $60. DSC_0029 DSC_0030

I also made the hanging light from an old lamp and a socket cord! and onto the deets…


I just stacked books on my desk and added a tray I randomly found in the bathroom. In it, I put a candle, perfume, and a milk bottle filled with fake flowers (cuz who has time to take care of real flowers??)


And here’s my organizational part of the desk, where I store pens/pencils, paperclips and that sorta stuff. I wrapped twine around an old jelly jar and wrote pencils on the jar, using a chalk pen. Oh and guess what? You see that artichoke looking thingy there? Its made out of spoons! I just glued painted spoons around a container and VOILA! a pretty container for ugly stuff, like staples and erasers.

but my favorite part of the desk the edge lace trim! It looked really ugly because I didn’t paint the edge, so i just bought lace ribbon from Michael’s and glued it on. Isn’t it adorbs?


So yup! That my new-ish room I hope you guys liked it ’cause I am in LOVE with it. If you have any questions/comments just leave em down below!


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