Metabolism Boosting Grapefruit Drink

Hey guys! I just have a quick post today because I discovered this delicous drink that will help you increase your metabolism and give you more energy. (it seriously taste better than lemonade)I like to drink this first thing in the morning, right after I wake up! It will help your digestive system, and you’ll feel better throughout the day. So I CHALLENGE you guys. Tomorrow morning, when you wake up, instead of staying in bed on your phone for like ten minutes, make this drink! you wont regret it

Oh and also I forgot to mention, if you’re a beast then you can add a shot of apple cider vinegar to the drink to really up your metabolism πŸ˜‰


makes 4-5 glasses

– 1 lemon

-1 grapefruit

-1 orange

– 5 cups of water

– 3 tbs. stevia to taste



1. Get the juice from all your fruits, by squeezing it out or using a juicer. I like manually juicing the fruits, so I get a morning arm workout too!

2. Combine the juice, water, and stevia and mix! Adjust the water and stevia to taste.

3. Pour over ice and enjoy!

See! its so easy to make, I don’t even really know why I made a post about this..maybe cause you need to try this recipe becasue its yummy and your body will thank you for it, so no excuses!!!



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