Valentine gifts ideas!

Hey guys so it’s February 14!! For couples it’s full of romance and love…but for us SINGLE peeps it forces is to feel how lonely and sad our lives are. *sigh*Don’t worry guys I totally feel ya, but honestly you don’t need a valentine to have fun! I kinda got over all this overrated couple stuff so I feel valentines day is a good time to tell anyone you appreciate them, not just your significant other. tbh you can still have fun just hanging with the fam or your friends!! Sooo I came up with some cute punny gifts I gave to my friends and family!!

1. I really LILAC you


2. You’re COCONUTS but I still love you!


3. I SODA think you’re cute…get it like sorta…ayyyee


4. I also made one more, but it’s more for like youngish gamer guys so some of you might not get it but I got 2 5 gum packs and wrote: 5+5= 10 out of ten would recommend HAHA cuz i mean i think that means like something’s good so yeah…still not exactly sure because boys are confusing AM I RIGHT??

Happy Valentines Day!! I love you guys !! And remember you aren’t defined by whether you having a boyfriend/girlfriend. It’s okay to be STRONG AND INDEPENDENT. You Don’t need no man GURLLL lol


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