Life Update + GOING VEGAN?!?!

Hey guys sooo long time no see!! Sorry for my lack of posts but I’ve just been so busy lately especially with school and college apps and typical teenager stuff. Also, for the past few months I was just feeling sad, lonely, insecure and just not myself. I was so afraid and not confident especially because my acne was acting up and I just was so lost. I was trying to figure out who I am, what to do with my life, my goals/passions, ya know just the typical existential crisis. But anyways I’m a lot better now and I’m comfortable with who I am even though I still don’t have perfect skin or an even close to perfect life. 

One thing that helped me on this self discovery journey I guess you can call it? was my diet. I decided to go vegan. And I know you might be thinking WHAT?! ARE YOU CRAZY? How does restricting what you can eat help you?? And honestly, this is so cliche, but veganism is not just a diet, its a lifestyle. It has totally changed my mindset and even my energy levels and health/ fitness of course!! And I do not feel restricted in any way!! If anything I eat even more. I can have (banana) ice cream for breakfast, (baked) fries for lunch, a cookie for dessert and it all comes with ZERO GUILT. I noticed that I have more energy because I’m eating more carbs, which contrary to populat belief, are good for you!! Healthy starches give you energy, they don’t make you fat!!!!! Also, I learned about the reality of where my food comes from and the amount of cruelty, wasted resources, and money that come with producing animal products. The meat and dairy industry are so corrupt and have brainwashed our society into believing that meat is good for you and milk will help you grow and thats complete bullshit. Literally. You might as well just eat some bullshit because meat and animal products have so many harmful effeccts in the body. No wonder America is becoming sick, fat, and miserable. Diet plays such an important role in everyones life, yet most people dont even realize it. And thats sad. 

Which is why I encourage you guys to research where your food is coming from and the amount of water, land, animals, and other items are needed to get that piece of beef in your burger or that milk in your mouth. To start, I recommend watching Cowspiracy, which is a documentary now on Netflix! And appaently its directed by the very handsome, Leonardo Di Caprio! Anyways I’m sorry my thoughts are so jumbled and unorganized and my punctuation and grammar sucks but i’m pretty much just writing about whats going on in my mind. 

Deciding to go vegan was dare I say it? One of the best decisions of my life. It helped me discover my passion for nutrition and helping others. I want to help others, whether it be trying to maintain/lose weight, reducing their risk for a disease, or just being a happy, positive person in general. I hope to become involved in the, plant based medical field because its what our society needs. America has the most obese, unhealthy population even though we spend the most money on healthcare. Does that make sense to you?? Obviously were doing something wrong! We live in a society where the doctors giving their patients advice on diet and nutrition are fat and unhealthy themselves!! This needs to change. 

So thats pretty much all my thoughts in a nutshell. Well I mean not all my thoughts…of course theres the other stuff like wondering if this guys likes me, what college i’ll get into, the normal teenage girl problems…And congrats if you got this far into reading! If you leave with one thing, I urge you to just try going plant based for a week. I gurantee you will see result in a week. Whether its lowering cholesterol, losing weight, or just being the best, happy you you can be, a plant based diet can aid you in accomplishing your goals.   Ill be posting more recipes, advice, and info to help you get started on a vegan diet if youre interested, so stay tuned! 

Love you guys!



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