Superfood Oatmeal Recipe


So I’m on this huge health kick now after reading, Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future. I didn’t know how many amazing benefits that foods such as cacao or goji berries could have, it’s honestly astonishing! I used to hate drinking this artichoke drink my grandma made that had goji berries in it, but now that I know goji berries have many antioxidants, 7 essential amino acids, can help SLOW AGING, and so much more, you bet I”ll chug that down without a second thought.

So to feed my new obsession, I have created this Superfood Oatmeal that I’ve been eating everyday for the past week straight. It’s that good! (tastewise and healthwise). I honestly feel that I’m invincible whenever I eat this, and in all honesty if you eat these foods with a balanced diet and exercise, your body will be pretty darn close to invincible from diet related diseases. So click here for the video recipe!

~ Goji




~plus so  much more in this recipe!





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