Valentine gifts ideas!

Hey guys so it’s February 14!! For couples it’s full of romance and love…but for us SINGLE peeps it forces is to feel how lonely and sad our lives are. *sigh*Don’t worry guys I totally feel ya, but honestly you don’t need a valentine to have fun! I kinda got over all this overrated couple stuff so I feel valentines day is a good time to tell anyone you appreciate them, not just your significant other. tbh you can still have fun just hanging with the fam or your friends!! Sooo I came up with some cute punny gifts I gave to my friends and family!!

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My New Room! + DIY Decor

Hey Guyys! So guess what?? I redid my room!!!! ahhhh I’m so excited to share it with you guys, but I just added a few new items to my room and made some really easy/cheap DIY’s. Soo if you’re bored this summer (which is like every kid ever let’s be real) you can renovate your room that cost really cheap! okay ready? legoo Continue reading