The BEST Paleo Pizza Crust (without using vegetables!)


Infommercial time!! *queue actors that overexxager
ate everything and a guy screaming at you*…Tired of cauliflower crust pizza that tastes gross and takes forever to make, steaming and draining the cauliflower, yet still ending up with okay result. Hate that guilt you feel after eating an entire pizza from Dominoes? (c’mon we’ve all done it before..oh nope just me? awkk…) Well no worries, my paleo pizza crust is here! This guilt-free crust is extremely simple to make and you’ll have a pizza in less than an hour. There’s only 6 ingredients and it seriously tastes like the pizza crust from pieology! Continue reading


Healthy Waffle Recipe



We all know that waking up in the mornings suck. Especially in the summer,when there’s no school, waking up early in the morning is treacherous 😥 But these waffles will make you want to jumpright out of bed and start your day off right 🙂 I gurantee you’ll have a good day if you wake up to these babies!!

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Paleo Chocolate Cupcakes!

cupcake cover

Who doesn’t love chocolate? It’s…do I dare say it??..better. than. bacon. (for a bacon recipe, check out my last blog post on Avocado & Bacon Panini’s). That’s right, so I have this recipe for fool-proof chocolate cupcakes. And guess what??? It gets even better. These cupcakes are PALEO! This means no grains, dairy, or processed sugars are used. You can read more about the Paleo Diet here.

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